Not your normal pet adoption – Brockville Recorder and Times – Ontario, CA

Meet Sosis — new resident of Brockville, looking for a better life.

Sosis — Turkish for sausage –was found roaming around a dump in Istanbul, Turkey, after being left there as mere trash.

A volunteer took the estimated two-to-three-year-old dog to a shelter in Turkey. After being attacked by a larger dog in the shelter, Sosis ran away, back to the garbage dump, only to be retrieved once more and put back in the shelter.

For some reason, Sosis preferred the dump.

“The videos online of the shelter are horrific,” said Michelle Brew, Sosis’ local foster parent.

“Dead rats in the water, dead dogs, dogs feeding off the dead dogs. That’s what they call a shelter.”

This is where Sosis called home for two years before an agency for animals, Let’s Adopt Global, stepped in as her saviour.

“They save all the animals that no one else will touch,” Brew explained of the agency she found through Facebook.

The Facebook-based group, Let’s Adopt, is motivated by the single goal of helping animals in need in Turkey, according to their website.

The group firmly states it has no affiliation whatsoever with any associations, foundations, NGOs or similar institutions in Turkey or abroad, as the group believes these have all badly failed Turkey’s desperate animals. The group is now global.

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