Free Cat Adoption Day – WHIZ News

If your kids are complaining that they didn’t get a pet for Christmas, Saturday is the perfect opportunity to change that.

The animal shelter in Zanesville is giving away free cats to good homes. Executive Director Larry Hostetler said it’s cost effective for the shelter to waive the adoption fees rather than caring for the animals for an extended period of time.

“Financially it’s very hard because we put a lot of money into spaying, neutering and all of the medical care, but at this point, we are looking at a down season for kittens,” said Hostetler. “There aren’t many kittens coming in, and we look at how much it’s going to cost us to care for the animals over the next few weeks, so you just have to balance things out.”

This is the third time the shelter has been able to hold a free cat adoption day, and Hostetler said the first two events were very successful.

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