Cesar Millan ‘Dog Whisperer’ talks dog adoption – Examiner.com

With the New Year already begun, many are looking at the gifts under the tree and noticing one has a tail. A popular gift every year is a new dog adoption for the holidays. It could be a blessing or a curse, depending on how quickly the dog is trained and if there needs to be major adjusting for the family. On Thursday Cesar Millan discussed how to make the New Year happy with a new dog as part of the family.

“New Year’s resolution is to adopt a dog. Make sure the dog is compatible to you,” said Cesar Millan on Thursday. “Make sure the whole family knows what the rules are.”

Giving tips about the best (and worst) in dog behavior Millan has successfully trained dozens of animals to become some of America’s greatest pets. Encouraging owners to listen to their animals and make sure they dominate the home, the gift of an animal might be perfect for a family edition.

Cesar Millan returns to the air this week and shows more great tips on making bad dogs go good with the Dog Whisperer program on Nat Geo Wild.

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