Urgent: Desperate Situation at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary!

Some problems can be solved by a ChipIn widget, or donating supplies like blankets and food. This situation is not one of them. PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary, the Somerville, TN home of 55 cats, many of them senior and/ or special needs, is in a dire situation that only action can help.

For the past two years, the Sanctuary has been living on borrowed time at its current location. The owner died and his widow, an animal advocate, has ignored suggestions to evict Rita, the Sanctuary owner, and the Sanctuary’s “kitizens.” During this time, the farmhouse has fallen into severe disrepair. The place is virtually uninhabitable for humans, but Rita continues to stay there several nights a week because she is in fear for the cats’ lives.

This is where the worst part comes in: there are cat-hating neighbors who not only wish to do harm to the Sanctuary cats — they already have! One neighbor’s unaltered dog has killed some of the cats, and others have been shot. Police reports have been filed, but nothing has been done to stop these humans.

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