1,203 Pets Adopted through Home 4 the Holidays Adoption Drive at Nevada Humane Society

Font Size: Adoption Drive The holidays were a hit for the homeless pets of our community! 1,203 pets found new homes through Nevada Humane Society’s Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Drive which ran from November 18 to January 2. The event goal was 1,200 adoptions.

“We’re so grateful to this wonderful community for helping us achieve this important goal for the homeless animals. It speaks volumes about what a big-hearted and compassionate community we live in,” said Diane Blankenburg, Community Programs Director.

Nevada Humane Society honored the first pet adopters of the New Year. The people who adopted the first cat and dog on January 1 received a commemorative certificate and special gift baskets filled with prizes. Kelsie Kane and Chris Tams adopted Poof, a beautiful, white kitty who was raised in the NHS foster care program. Kevin and Lynette Kemp adopted Taya, a sweet six-year-old German Shepherd.

“Nevada Humane Society wishes to thank everyone who adopted a pet during the Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Drive,” said Executive Director Bonney Brown, “and we want to let everyone know that if you missed out on adopting during the holidays, there are still many wonderful dogs, cats and other pets in the shelter awaiting loving homes.”

Originally posted here: 1,203 Pets Adopted through Home 4 the Holidays Adoption Drive at NHS.

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