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The staff at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter understand what an important decision it is to add a new pet to your family. Your lifestyle, pet ownership experience, kids and current pets, are all things to take into consideration when adding a new furry family member. Few people have time to do as much research on available animals as they would like and often find it inconvenient to visit different facilities during their limited public hours.Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter wants to help ensure that every pet adoption is a fur-ever, loving home for our homeless cats and dogs. That’s why we’ve expanded our “Special Companions” program. For a $35.00 donation, our staff will assist you in determining the best pet for your household and help locate it for you. We’ll discuss your wants and wishes along with all the other details that make an adoption successful.Siamese, Snowshoe, Poodle or puppy, our partner shelters have many purebred and mixed breed animals that the average adopter does not know about and cannot locate. Or, they spend hours looking for animals that once found, do not meet their needs. We’ll work with our Shelter partners throughout New Jersey and the United States to locate adoptable animals that meet what is important to you and to successful pet ownership. Once an animal that we feel you would love, has been located and brought to our Shelter, you will be notified of the time that animal will first become available and be able to meet with that pet prior to it becoming available to the general public.

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