Will You Adopt Heather and Toby? – Stoneham, MA Patch

From Protection of Animals in Wakefield Society, Wakefield, MA:

The New Year is a time for resolutions and Heather and her brother, Toby, have put finding a new, forever home at the top of their list. When they nap together in the afternoon, they have visions of a new family dancing in their heads. At adoption events, their eyes are wide, sizing up potential adopters. Would you consider a pair of warm and loving cats to start off your New Year on the right track?

Heather is a grey and white Siamese-mix who is super affectionate. She loves to be petted or to snuggle next to you on the couch. She also enjoys her “me-time” and has staked out her favorite spots for napping. These include a cozy nook in the kitchen and her cat bed next to the warm radiator. Heather is very relaxed and sweet, but she also appreciates the occasional catnip treat as well as a good meal. If you forget to feed her, she will let you know it is mealtime. Heather may comment on your cooking, but she will never criticize your house cleaning habits because she does not like mops or brooms. She won’t growl, but she will hide at the sight of the mop.

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