PAWS HAPPY TAILS!: The last adoption of 2011, a heartwarming tail! –

A “Happily Ever After” New Years Eve Tail as told by Karen, our Dog Adoption Coordinator. Enjoy, it’s a heart warming tail and I know it encompass all the reasons Karen does what she does for us here at PAWS of Coronado, this is what feeds her heart:

“Unless there is a miracle today, this is my last adoption story for 2011. It is one particularly close to my heart.

Lola is an older girl that had some health issues. She is deaf. She had to have quite a few teeth extracted. She also had some “bumps” on her back and one large one on her toe that had to be removed. We spent a lot of time together going back and forth to vet appointments. She was always brave and the vet staff just loved her.

A Coronado couple saw Oliver in the paper. They had lost their best pal in October and felt ready to adopt again. When they met Oliver he was just a little too energetic. I asked them if they would consider an older dog who really needed a home. Without hesitation they said yes. Their dog had been adopted as an older dog and lived with them for eight years. They met Lola and decided on the spot that they would love to have her. They were going away for Christmas and that gave us time to get Lola’s medical needs taken care of. Lola went home this afternoon. She was wearing an e-collar, had two areas on her back that were stitched up and had a small cast on her paw. Despite all that she was beautiful with those little ears fluttering like butterfly wings as she walked out of the ACF. I am so happy for Lola. She will have the love she deserves.

Thanks to the walkers who gently walked her and just held her while she was recuperating. Thanks to the ACF staff for giving her all those meds and taking such good care of her. Despite all she has been through, I think she enjoyed her stay at the ACF.

Happy New Year and thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do.


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