Don’t shop, adopt: Help agencies help animals

During the holidays, many people get new pets on impulse, unaware of the high maintenance that comes with the animal.

You must be able to invest time and money in a pet. That’s why countless puppies, kittens, and even rabbits end up in shelters.

While many of the shelters are kill-free, being in one is a dismal experience for animals. Adoption agencies in Union County such as Carolina Pet Adoption & Welfare Society, Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, and Blue Line Kennel Pet Rescue encourage families to take animals of all ages and impairments.

This holiday season, instead of buying a puppy from a pet store, why not adopt?

Animal shelters are at capacity with unwanted pets. There are dogs that are no longer puppies, cats that are no longer kittens; animals that have outgrown their youth and have been cast aside.

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