Sherwood’s CAT: Saving one feline’s life at a time – Sherwood News

Everyone seems to know Sue Bee.

It’s not because she’s particularly loud. It’s not because she’s particularly brilliant. It’s not even because she’s thoughtful.

“She cracks me up,” said Aaron Asmus.

Sue Bee is a 4-year-old cat in the Cat Adoption Team, a non-profit cat shelter in Sherwood. Sue Bee spends most of her days on the shelter’s second floor, just waiting for the chance to be adopted. But while she’s waiting for the adoption, she seems to be also planning her next escape from the confines of a cat’s paradise. It has places for cats to jump on to, along with scratching posts and shelves. Last week, Kathy Covey, the Cat Adoption Team’s (CAT) Public Relations Manager, was trying to get into the room, but she knew Sue Bee was in there and was the shelter’s escape artist. Covey opened the door and sure enough, Sue Bee slipped out and was off. After two other employees cornered her, Sue Bee was finally captured and seemed happy being held by Covey, adding to yet another escape by the sly cat. She usually gets out 3-4 times per day. It’s just Sue Bee’s personality, Covey said.

“She’s probably one of the funniest cats we have because no matter what happens, at least once a day, it’s guaranteed that she’s gonna be down here,” said Asmus, CAT’s Executive Director, from his first-floor office. “I don’t know what it is. Maybe she just wants to see everybody. She’s got her little route she does: she goes downstairs, she goes through the lobby, goes down the hallway and then goes into an office. She just keeps migrating. It’s pretty funny.”

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