Rescue Dog starring in 2012 Super Bowl Ad Causes the Movement to Surge

The Save a Dog Day organization has come up with a way to potentially save the lives of innocent cats and dogs by shining the spotlight on an epidemic of euthanasia that is all too common at our nation’s animal shelters. In order to bring awareness to the need for pet adoption during the holidays and beyond, has enlisted the help of a rescue dog, named Sasha, who stars in a 2012 Super Bowl commercial called “Good Doggie.” The Save a Dog Day organization is dedicated to encouraging people to rescue dogs, sharing pet adoption success stories, as well as providing links to valuable information for those looking to adopt a dog.

Sasha was an abandoned dog spending her days at a shelter with little chance of being rescued. She was past the cute puppy stage, and as animals get older the odds of the animal’s life being saved decrease dramatically. No one guessed that someone having the courage to save this dog’s life could lead to a wave of dogs and cats being saved. After Sasha was adopted, her new owner took the time to work with her and supported her through the training and socialization process.

All of Sasha’s work paid off when she auditioned for a potential 2012 Super Bowl commercial titled “Good Doggie” and was cast by director De Veau Dunn and producer Nicholas George. Sasha’s commercial is currently in the Top-5 most viewed videos out of nearly 4000 entries in the 2012 Doritos Crash The Super Bowl commercial contest. “Good Doggie” can be viewed at by searching the most viewed 2012 Super Bowl commercial entries in the gallery. Sasha’s parents donate a portion of everything she earns toward saving the lives of other dogs and cats that are currently living the often lonely and desperate animal shelter existence.

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