Volunteers for Homeward Bound Rescue League have an important Christmas request – Plymouth, MI Patch

Homeward Bound Rescue League volunteers work every day to help homeless animals.

HBRL’s first-ever bake sale, a fundraiser to help pay for the care cats and dogs need while staying at volunteers’ home. Volunteers keep costs low by sharing pet responsibilities.

And, while they hope to place every dog and cat in a “forever home” and hope that people who want pets consider adoption first, HBRL spokeswoman Jenna Marcum asks you to avoid surprising loved ones with a puppy or kitten at Christmas.

Every year, she said, HBRL and other shelters get calls in January from people surprised with such living gifts, because they are at their wits’ end.

“Last year, we took in four puppies,” she said. “One was part Jack Russell terrier and had all these little outfits.”

Instead, she suggests that people who want to give pets as gifts get permission first so each household can prepare. (For those who are planning to spend time off over the Christmas holidays with a new pet, she said, visit www.hbrlmi.com.)

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