Mitzi Cat Deserves One Life To Live – Decatur-Avondale Estates, GA Patch

From Life Line Animal Project, Atlanta, GA:

Cats with feline leukemia, like Mitzi, often don’t have a normal life span but they deserve to have a loving home.

Not all cats have nine lives.

For the 2 to 3 percent percent of cats living in the United States who have the feline leukemia virus their lifespan is often significantly shorter than the average indoor housecat, who can live to be a teenager.

Mitzi, a rescued cat at LifeLine Animal Project, has FeLV. She’s a beautiful calico with medium-length hair and mesmerizing green eyes who loves nothing better than being held.

The calm and gentle year-old cat was rescued along with her two kittens, both of whom died shortly after being brought to LifeLine. Infected kittens usually will not live very long. Adult cats with FeLV can sometimes stay “stuck” in the first stage of the disease and not move to the second stage for years or in very rare occasions, at all.

Mitzi shows no outward signs of being ill, but she is kept in a cage by herself in LifeLine’s isolation room and not permitted in the population of cats in LifeLine’s cage-free kitty motel. She loves it when humans visit her, and is always ready to cuddle.

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