Wishing Your Pet a Safe Holiday – Gulfport, FL Patch

We want to share the joy of the holidays with our furry babies. But some pet owners may not consider the risks to their dogs’ safety – or they may not even know about the potential hazards.

Here are some important things to remember during the celebration to avoid an emergency veterinary visit!

As much as we like to think we are giving our dogs a special treat, it is best not to give them table scraps. A dog does not digest and handle food the same as humans. Sometimes the foods can be too rich, spicy or toxic.

It is especially important to keep your dog away from the following dangerous foods:

1. Onions, which can cause anemia (high levels of garlic can, too).

2. Grapes and raisins, which can cause renal failure!

3. Chocolate.

4. Bones (especially cooked and poultry bones).

5. Alcoholic beverages.

Watch the dogs and your decorations and gifts! As you know, when people come in, the dogs will sniff them, but these gifts are coming into your home also, so they will be curious about those as well.

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