Paws for holiday cheer in Newhall

At a distance, New Leash on Life’s Newhall Ranch property seemed stately and quiet, but anyone approaching it Saturday would have been bowled over by several cheerful dogs being led about the property by ranch staff and volunteers.

The dog-adoption organization hosted a fundraiser to give hopeful Santa Clarita Valley canine owners a chance to meet and greet more than 25 adoptable dogs, win door prizes and compete in a silent auction to raise money for the ranch.

“Our goal is just taking care of animals,” said Jen Hof, of Saugus, ranch co-supervisor. “We tend to have between 25 and 35 dogs here.”

Hof, who began her career an animal-care attendant at the ranch in 2006, said ranch staff and volunteers rescue dogs from animal shelters across Los Angeles County.

“Whenever we have space available, we go to local animal shelters and take dogs out of that environment if we can,” Hof said. “Shelters are understaffed and overcrowded. We take care of rescue dogs until they can get adapted,” she said.

The property is owned by Bobby and Kelly Dorafshar, president and cofounder, respectively, of New Leash on Life.

“They lease the property to us,” Hof said.

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