A Cat Named Betty White – Decatur-Avondale Estates, GA Patch

Betty White was a stray cat who ended up at LifeLine Animal Project when she was picked up as part of Best Friends Feral Freedom program.Credit TherraC.GwynPhotos (6)

Best Friends’ Feral Freedom had previously proved quite successful in Jacksonville, Fla., saving the lives of community cats and vastly reducing the number of felines euthanized in shelters.

An estimated 30,000 feral and stray cats each year end up in Atlanta’s shelters, where the only option is to kill them at the substantial cost to taxpayers of approximately $4 million. The directors of LifeLine and DCAS were eager for a better outcome for both Atlanta’s cats and citizens. Euthanizing a large number of animals takes time, staff and money. Spaying and neutering has proved less costly, less time consuming, more effective at controlling cat populations and more humane.

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