‘Take Me! Take Me!’ heard at the Petco Adoption Event

Rochelle Anderson had dog on the mind at the Petco pet adoption event Saturday.

But which one?

Sophie was cuddly. Smiley was rambunctious. Foxie and Millie were doing their best to say “Take me! Take me!” as only a pleading dog’s eyes can say.

Saturday was the weekly dog adoption event at the pet supply store. The Weber Animal Shelter, the Humane Society and other animal rescue groups set up their adoptable wares in the store’s lobby so customers can see every one’s big sad eyes.

Pam LaFayette, of Black Dog Rescue, said the dogs are from the Weber County Animal Shelter, which now also handles dogs from Ogden City. Emphasis is dogs who are nearing the deadline on their time for adoption, she said, and they do mean “dead.” Each dog wears a small vest that reads “Adopt me, save my life.”

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