There Is Nothing Spooky About Casper Cat – Hillcrest, OH Patch

From Paws Ohio:

Nothing at all spooky about this strikingly marked young male. A silver, gray and white 1-year-old tabby male, resembling a British short hair, Casper is a gorgeous fellow.

Last weekend, Casper approached a friendly cat lover in search of some attention. Here’s what she has to say about this little guy: Casper ran up to me out of the blue as I got out of my house and started rubbing against my legs and meowing. I picked him up and he just would not stop purring. In our neighborhood he was running from house to house begging for attention.

He decided that with the weather changing, my garage was where he wanted to spend most of his time. Casper is about a year old, neutered and loves people; it is evident that he was at one time owned by someone but all attempts at locating his family yielded no results.

Casper is a cuddle-bug who wants to climb up on your lap and lie there. He is gentle, letting me trim his claws without any resistance and he thoroughly enjoys belly rubs. He has used the litter box without any trouble. He has not figured out yet that he will not have to go hungry again so he tends to eat as much food as is offered to him. Casper is definitely ready for his own home and family.

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Originally posted here: Cat Adoption: Casper – PAWS Pet of the Week – Hillcrest, OH Patch.