Think before you give a pet as a gift –

Well, here we are again. The holidays are upon us, whether we like it or not. It’s time to drag out the Christmas decorations and go shopping. Every year I try to prepare you for those special challenges that come with keeping your pets safe with all the trappings of the holidays and keeping all the efforts of your hard work intact and undamaged. It’s also time to start researching and preparing now if you’re thinking of acquiring or giving a new pet on the big day.

This year, I am faced with both challenges myself. For the most part, my three guys are curious but well behaved and as long as my dog (aka bull in a china shop) doesn’t crash into the tree; I would ordinarily be in pretty good shape. I do, however, have a gorgeous little foster kitten who is under the assumption that everything in the house has been specifically placed here for her amusement. Having recently lost the four-legged love of my life, I am also in the market for another dog.

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