Will You Adopt Katie the Cat? – Stoneham, MA Patch

From PAWS Wakefield, Wakefield, MA:

My name is Katie and I’m a kind and quite divine, declawed female who wants to tiptoe into your heart.

Like most Maine coon cats, I am intelligent with a gentle personality. Unlike most Maine coons, however, I am a petite girl at just seven pounds. I may be small, but I am smashing with my medium-long hair, tufted ears and paws, yellow-green eyes and amazing fluffy tail.

Loyal to family, I am cautious around strangers. Indeed, your friends may even think I am your imaginary companion because I will make myself scarce when others are around. I will be your little secret. That is because I am more of a peeker than a seeker — a cat who likes to watch, not one who wants to be in the midst of the commotion.

Some might even say I have a tendency for observing life on the sidelines. I enjoy my quiet out-of-the-way spots. Not that I do not have my playful side. I just prefer calm to rowdiness. I am that kind of girl.

Did I mention my size? Of course I did. I just bring it up again to remind you that I will not take up much space in your home. I have a teeny, tiny meow and love to curl up in small places where I feel safe. That said, I would really enjoy the company of other animals, both cats and dogs. In fact, I would be a great cat to add to your household since I am not a troublemaker. The only space I need is the one in your heart.

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