A commendable legislative measure to spare more pets – BradentonHerald.com

Since Manatee County became a model government by adopting a “no kill” policy for the dogs and cats that end up in the animal shelter, advocates have found another ally in the movement. Bradenton state Sen. Mike Bennett is sponsoring legislation that would establish Florida as a pet friendly state, an ambitious and commendable effort to stop the senseless slaughter of adoptable animals.

Manatee County’s policy, adopted last month, intends to phase out euthanasia and progressively increase the pet “live release” rate from 61 percent to above 90 percent sometime next year. Only terminally ill, injured and suffering pets as well as vicious dogs will continue to be euthanized.

Animal advocates convinced commissioners to approve the policy by committing to a partnership with the county’s Animal Services Division.

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