Pet Talk: Shop animals are a magnet for businesses –

Whether you’re buying books, bicycles or baubles this busy shopping weekend, you may notice some shop “employees” of the furry persuasion.

At Annie Bloom’s Books in Multnomah Village, store cat Molly Bloom joins a legacy of literary cats at the independent bookstore, which opened in 1978. The ebony American Bombay cat is usually on the counter, resting her cheek against the cash register for warmth.

“Molly is the best cat we’ve ever had,” says owner Roberta “Bobby” Tichenor. “The only time we have to watch her is when dogs come into the store. She actually stalks them, and we have to hold on to her.”

Tichenor says the shop cultivated its cat culture after her son was unable to keep his cat in his apartment and she took it into her shop. Customers became accustomed to seeing a cat in the store, and it became a tradition.

“It’s definitely helped business,” Tichenor says. Some customers come in specifically to visit Molly.

That includes Jazzy Smith and Marena Padilla, who stopped in recently to pet Molly and browse books.

“I come in a couple times a month because I like the cat, and I like to read,” Smith says.

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