The Shelter Pet Project

The Shelter Pet Project is an organization that aims to bring animal shelters to the forefront of pet adoption. While many of us may immediately consider local shelters for animal adoption, there are still too many that see shelter animals as last resorts. Whether it’s because some owners want specific breeds of animals or because they have misconceptions about shelter animals, too many choose to buy a pet from a breeder over adopting an animal that needs a home. This means that many shelter animals die without a home while dogs from breeders contribute to an animal overpopulation problem in some areas.

The myths The Shelter Pet Project has to dispel are many. Animals from shelters are clean and safe. While many older animals need a home, puppies and kittens are constantly being brought in–so there’s very little need to contact a breeder to obtain a young animal. An older shelter animal can also be better suited to families, as many have come from human homes. Shelters also take in many different types of animal. It is possible for a pet owner to have their heart set on an animal of a specific size or breed and find that very type or something similar in a shelter. While these facts seem obvious to some, harmful myths to the contrary flood the minds of many. The Shelter Pet Project has continually dispelled these myths in heartfelt and humorous ways.

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