RSPCA inundated with cats – Gladstone Observer

THE RSPCA in Gladstone has been inundated with cats and kittens in need of a new home.

Friends of the RSPCA cat care coordinator Betty Bridge said there were too many cats and kittens being unnecessarily euthanized because owners were not desexing them and less rental properties were allowing pets.  Ms Bridge said desexing cats, apart from being an inexpensive, one-off cost that would save money in registration fees each year, had a number of benefits.  “It cuts down on diseases, you don’t have territorial fights and you don’t have cats running around in drains or bushlands,” Ms Bridge said.  “If we had a proper desexing program we wouldn’t have such a problem,” she said.

Tragically, Ms Bridge said many kittens get dumped in the Gladstone region rather then taken to a shelter and they would either die or become feral.  “Unowned cats are everywhere,” she said.  Ms Bridge said there was also a larger number of older pets being put up for adoption because less and less rental properties were allowing tenants to have pets.

“There is so many people coming into town with family and are unaware of the fact that when they bring their pets along they are not allowed to have pets in the rental property.

The rest is here: RSPCA inundated with cats | Gladstone News | Local News in Gladstone | Gladstone Observer.

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9 years ago

Spay/Neuter is a MUST and should be mandatory if the public will not be caring and responsible on its own. Also, the public needs to make a political issue of the fact that lives are being lost due to the callousness and ignorance of those property owners who discriminate against these beloved members of the family. They need to be legally designated as family members and not “pets” or otherwise downgraded and “optional”. We need to stand up for our loved ones — these property owners cannot tell renters how many kids they can have, or refuse to rent to… Read more »