Kindness saves dog’s life – The Star Democrat: Life

Through the kindness of animal lovers, clinics and the company PetsMart, a dog found in Pocomoke during Hurricane Irene was saved from a painful death.

The story of Hurricane, the dog’s new name, was shared by Lori Gardner, president of the Wags & Wishes Animal Rescue, a small, family-run dog adoption organization in Cambridge. Since 2008, Wags & Wishes has placed more than 300 dogs with families.

Hurricane Irene was bearing down on the Eastern Shore when the dog wandered into the Pocomoke family’s yard. The people didn’t have the heart to turn it away and to they let it in their house. The dog was emaciated and limping on a severely swollen leg. It was suffering from an infected gunshot wound, Gardner related.

The family tried home remedies to help the dog’s leg until the storm passed and their veterinarian’s office opened. The news wasn’t good. The dog’s leg had to be amputated and the people didn’t have the money to cover the expense. The vet worked with them, providing antibiotics and pain medication while they looked for financial help.

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