Contemplating pet adoption –

Two fuzzy blurs of fur speed by as Drew Perry, a senior from Wichita, watches with a smile. Perry’s cats, Mr. Rumples and Kristopherson, energetically wrestle one another before crashing into a table, sending papers flying. They look healthy.

But a moment later, Perry stops the cats and pulls out a long syringe, the “Pill Popper,” sticking it down Mr. Rumples’ throat as the cat resists with more strength than one would expect. The process is not an easy one.

Two months ago, Perry said his cats caught an intestinal virus that he initially thought could be treated. However, seven veterinarian visits, four medications and an $1,100 bill later, he still does not have an answer.

“The scariest part was the uncertainty and not knowing whether I was going to have my cats after this,” he said. “If my parents had not helped me pay for the costs, the cats would have gone back to the shelter, or worse, put to sleep.”

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