Photographers Take Adoption Pictures Of Animal Shelter Pets – Global Animal

Things were finally coming together for Jennifer Pearson to get her dog. She had wanted one since law school 13 years back. Pulling 80-hour weeks as a lawyer before, she now had a flexible job in college fundraising and a house with a yard outside of Dallas.

Pearson, 36, had a soft spot for dachshunds, fondly recalling her family pet when she was just a girl. Hyper pooches weren’t for her, but a small, well-mannered dachshund would be perfect. Her criteria seemed simple – but judging size and temperament in pictures she saw online was not.

“Most of the rescues and kennels take very basic photographs that are not good for facilitating adoption. The dog looks mean when he’s not. The description was just their names,” explains Pearson, who wanted a rescue dog. “You need something to go on.”

She then saw these doggie portraits on the Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation site. “You can really see the dogs,” says Pearson, who initiated a 12-page application for adoption.

Photographers, like the one who took those portraits, are setting up photo shoots with ownerless pets to capture their personalities — and help people looking to adopt an animal to connect with their pictures.

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