Code Red Urgent: Two Kittens Need Forever Home, Foster or Safe Rescue (Greenville, SC)

Located in Greenville, SC, contact me at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com if you can help. Timing critical! We can raise funds for transport if required.

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!These babies were saved from euthanasia by an out of state rescue group. The current foster was asked to foster them for a week until the rescue could come down and pick them up. At the end of that week the rescue had an outbreak of ringworm and they had to back out on taking these babies. The current foster has two other cats, and unfortunately their senior female has been extremely aggressive. They are able to alternate their time out and about, but they really need foster or adoptive placement as quickly!

Cost of vetting will be covered. These guys are estimated to be about 7 weeks old. They weigh 1.5 lbs each and are super sweet. The brown tabby female is missing her left eye. There is no sign of any injury, we believe she was simply born without it. It does not slow her down in the least, and the plan is to simply close the lid when she is spayed. The male is solid gray with four white feet and beautiful green eyes. They are both very good with kids and dogs, and get along fine with our other, non-aggressive cat. They both love to be snuggled and they purr for hours when held!

Please help us help them. They have tested negative for the bad stuff although one has a URI.