When It Comes to Pet Adoption Behavior ‘Sit Happens!’ – Pacifica, CA Patch

While giving a group tour of our new Lantos Center this week, I bumped into Terri Wong and this was a good thing.

For one, I always like seeing Terri as she’s among our sweetest and most enthusiastic employees. Terri is part of our Behavior Department, and like other members of her team, she splits her time between our Lantos Center (where all animals are available for adoption) and our facility at Coyote Point, where we get to know and work with strays before they are made available for adoption.

The other nice thing about bumping into Terri was that she was wearing our “Sit Happens” T-shirt. And that always gets at least a smile and sometimes a pretty good horse laugh.

The original is here: ‘Sit Happens!’ – Pacifica, CA Patch.