Let Missey the Cat Entertain You at Your House – Winnetka-Glencoe, IL Patch

From Heartland Animal Shelter, Northbrook, IL:

Missey is a strikingly beautiful gray cat with bright gold eyes and a pleasant face. She’s 4 years old as of September 2011. Missey came to Heartland from a rescue group in Kentucky. It took Missey a while to adjust to shelter life, not quite knowing what to make of it. Thanks to the patience and tender loving care from staff and volunteers, she has managed to settle in.

Missey is a low-maintenance girl who likes to entertain herself. She prefers people to other cats. If you come for a visit, don’t be surprised when Missey trots over to welcome you by rubbing up against your ankles. She enjoys short petting sessions that include having her ears and head tickled and scratched. When you’re with her, you’ll find that she gives silent meows – the mouth moves, but no sound comes out; so cute! Missey wants to be a lap cat so much, but other shelter cats are always looking for attention too. It’s so hard for her to compete for attention at the shelter. She’ll be so happy when she’s adopted so that she can soak in ALL of the pleasures a forever home provides. Are you the person to give Missey the life she deserves? We sure hope so!

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