Shelter pets face ‘situational’ health problems – Northern Star Online

In August 2010, sophomore pre-communication major Shucreeia Robinson took the advice of a friend and decided to adopt a rabbit locally at TAILS Humane Society.

Robinson is not alone in choosing adoption from local shelters. Illinois Department of Agriculture data from 2006 shows TAILS, 2250 Barber Greene Road in DeKalb, adopted out 698 dogs and 940 cats and the DeKalb County Animal Shelter adopted out 242 dogs and 137 cats. However, some NIU students find pet adoption more problematic than expected.

Shelter animals come from a different environment than other pets and have unique needs and problems, said Roberta Shoas, manager of the DeKalb County Animal Shelter, 16173 Baseline Road in Genoa.

“A perfectly healthy animal in an animal shelter can develop an illness based on stress of moving to a new environment that has nothing to do with life in the shelter. It’s situational,” Shoas said.

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