Please Help Feral Cat Starla Find a Forever Home with Barn or Ranch, Will Provide Mousing In Return – Your Houston News: Living

From Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary, Houston, TX:

Meet Starla, a very pretty girl who would love to help you get rid of those pesky mice and rats that hang out at your barn or ranch.

Starla is not a pet cat; she was born to a feral (un-socialized) mother, lives outside and is fearful of humans. Unfortunately, Starla had to be rescued from her previous outside home because she was in danger of being killed. Most of the time, when volunteers at Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary (a 501c3, non-profit, all volunteer, no-kill organization) find free roaming cats, they will trap, neuter and return (TNR) these cats to their outside territory. However, in special cases like Starla’s, that is not possible and instead the cats must be re-homed to safe locations where they are allowed to live out their lives. Cats like Starla require a barn or a home where they will receive daily food and water. And Starla, being the good mouser that she is, will return the favor by providing good, old-fashioned, non-toxic, rodent control!

via Montgomery County pet adoption of the week – Your Houston News: Living.