Six Simple Ways to Support Pet Adoption – Zootoo Pet News

Easy — and free — methods of helping to promote pet rescue.

People who love animals love supporting animal causes. But providing financial support isn’t always easy — or the most effective way to help a shelter or rescue.

Support animal rescue and promote adoption without spending a cent and, often, without getting out of your chair. Spread awareness, earn donations, and give a voice to rescue animals with these six simple steps:

Play to feed homeless animals. Answer a daily trivia question on With each right (or wrong) answer, you donate 10 pieces of kibble to shelters and food banks across the country. According to the site, Freekibble has donated over 571 million pieces of kibble since April 1, 2008, and Freekibblekat — a daily dose of cat trivia — has donated over 411 million pieces of kibble.

The rest of the list is here:  Six Simple Ways to Support Pet Adoption — Zootoo Pet News.

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