Miss Callie Cat Will Melt Your Heart – Wilmette-Kenilworth, IL Patch

From Heartland Animal Shelter, Northbrook, IL:

Miss Callie (short for Calico) is a beautiful little feline from the northwest side of Chicago. She’s estimated to be about 1 year old. Before living outdoors, it is evident that Miss Callie had let humans live with her because she loves human company. Her mix of color and deep green eyes are sure to make some lucky human the envy of cat lovers everywhere. She’s a very sweet cat with a face and demeanor that will melt a heart. The perfect pet, Miss Callie is very anxious to let someone live with her.

Miss Callie tested positive for FIV. Some people don’t understand about FIV, but it just means that she needs to be either the only cat or to live with another FIV-positive cat. In fact, as long as they get along and there is no severe fighting, she can even coexist with non-FIV cats! (Being so sweet-natured, Miss Callie has already proven that she can live with other cats.) We know that good pet owners always tend to their pets’ health and welfare, anyway, so, if you take good care of Miss Callie, she should be able to live a nice long and normal life. She will need to be an indoor cat and be placed on a good-quality diet, too. When you come to visit, you can read more about FIV on the fact sheet that is posted on her cage door.

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