Dogs Find Love At Re:HAB

Speed Dating for Dog Adoption is one of the many creative ways that Corridor Rescue reaches out to dog lovers in Houston. In an effort to permanently adopt out the many dogs they have rescued from the Corridor of Cruelty, a high crime Houston neighborhood, Corridor Rescue invites dog lovers to meet with a select group of dogs to see if they find a “love connection”, resulting in a permanent adoption.

The Speed Dating Dog Adoption event is held October 1, 2011 at Re:HAB Bar at 1920 Houston Ave. Houston, Texas from 4pm to 6pm.

Dog members of the potential adoptive family are also invited.

The Speed Dating Adoption Event includes a fundraising drive to raise funds for medical care, kennel fees, and supplies for the growing number of dog intakes into the program.

Originally posted here: Dogs Find Love At Re:HAB.