The mission: Finding homes for black dogs – Kane County Chronicle

Black dogs in crates and on leashes peppered the lawn Sunday outside Fiora’s Restaurant on Third Street in Geneva.

Big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, puppies and older canines snoozed and cavorted on the sun-dappled grass while pet-seekers and the curious – attracted by the cuteness factor – petted and cooed at them.

Among them was Mike Chalawa of Bartlett bonding with Rocko, a beagle-hound mix that was mostly black.

“Rocko’s a cool little beagle mix,” Chalawa said, giving Rocko a good back scratch. “I grew up on a horse farm, and we had beagles and they’re very good dogs. And he needs a home and nobody will take him. So maybe I will consider. I will not make a decision today. I will come up and see him where he’s at and go from there.”

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