Pet Food Donation by Purina to Wildfire Relief – KTBS Shreveport

The wildfires in East Texas are contained but now comes the recovery efforts. The Humane Society helped rescue more than 100 animals from the devastation and Tuesday it got some help too. Nearly 23,000 pounds of dog, cat, puppy, and kitten food was dropped off to the Marion County Humane Society. The food was donated by Purina and delivered by the Rescued Pet Adoption League, or R-PAL.

“In the last six weeks we’ve had seven truckloads,” said Judy Griggs, Director of R-PAL. “This is our first major disaster that we’ve been called in on, but the need was extremely great here so we got it in as quickly as possible.”

The Marion County Humane Society rescued 130 animals from the wildfires. And at least 50 have still not been picked up by their owners, so the food was greatly needed.

Originally posted here: Pet Food Donation – Local News Story – KTBS Shreveport.