Gentle and Kind Cat Dusty Is Waiting for Laptime – Palmdale, CA

From Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue, Palmdale, CA:

Dusty is a very soft spoken boy that could get lost in the background if he was with more than one other kitty. He LOVES to be petted, LOVES to in your lap and LOVES attention but he is not pushy about it. If one of his foster friends is hogging all the attention he will sit by patiently waiting his turn. He will give you a few soft meows just to make sure you know hes there and ready for some loving. He gets along with other kitties just fine but he wouldnt mind being an only child either so that hes sure to get his share of the attention. He’s playful and curious like most kitties but he just desperately wants to be loved. He was previously in a home with children and a quieter dog although hes not quite sure about the noisy dog in his foster home. Of course shes a PUG and they make a lot of very strange noises so its understandable that hes’ not crazy about her. If you would like a laid back, quiet and well-mannered boy to…

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