Laid Back and Sweet Tabby Cat Candy Will Brighten Your Life, Take Her Home Today – Palmdale, CA

From Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue, Palmdale, CA:

Hi there, my name is Candy because Im as sweet as can be. Im a very soft spoken little girl that just wants to be loved by everyone. The minute my foster family walks into the room Im there to greet them because Im anxiously waiting for them to pick me up and give me some love. I also dont mind if theyd like to give me some canned food, my absolute favorite. I also get along really well with all my foster friends. We play together and hang out while our family is at work. I also do ok with the dog that lives at our house although we have a mutual understanding and we kind of just leave each other alone. So, if youre looking for a SUPER SWEET, LAID BACK girl, then HERE I AM. (Birthday: 4/2010) If you would like to meet me please call Cathy at 661-273-9822 or email her at

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