Adorable Cat Boots (Extra-Toes Cat Hemingway Polydactyl) Would Love to Make a Home With You – Palmdale, CA

From Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue, Palmdale, CA:

Hi, my name is Boots and I know your probably thinking how cute I am and you’d be right. I’m cute, fun, SUPER playful, SUPER active, SUPER inquisitive and just a great little boy. Like most kittens my age I’m usually on the move playing with one of my many toys, chasing one of my foster friends (especially Gracy) or getting into or on top of something to see everything. I like other kitties as long as they have a lot of energy and can keep up with me and Ive recently discovered dogs. I don’t have an opinion either way on that yet so Id probably do ok with a doggie in my new home as long as we were introduced slowly. If you are looking to be entertained, I’m ready for the job. (Birthday: 3/2010) If you would like to meet me please call Cathy at 661-273-9822 or email her at

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