Shelter giving away black pets for half off –

Would you like to bring home a black furry and snuggly kitten or puppy? The Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation in Fairfield, Iowa may have one waiting for you.

The animal shelter is participating in the Best Friends Animal Society’s national “Back in Black” pet adoption promotion, an effort to get black dogs and cat adopted.

“Alot of times in shelter situations, black cats and dogs are overlooked and we don’t know why whether it’s the stigma of a black cat is not a good luck charm or the black dogs, sometimes most of them are big black labs and people just absolutely overlook the black animal, which is unfortunate,” said Dawn Safrit, the Excutive Director of Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation.

From Aug.15 -Sept. 17, black dogs, cats, puppies and kittens at the shelter are ready to take home for half the price of the adoption fee, which ranges from $65-$90.

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