Rocky Was Found on a Roof and Needs a Winning Home – Hillcrest, OH Patch

From PAWS of Ohio:

This little eye of the tiger is about 6 months old, with white and tiger markings. He was found up on a roof. A PAWS volunteer spotted the little guy up there, rescued him, then left for work. Several days passed, and the kitten kept returning to the volunteer’s home. Smart little fella.

Rocky is very sweet. His favorite pasttime is cuddling with his foster mommy on her pillow, hanging out with the other dogs and cats, and cuddling with the 12-week-old baby.

If you’re interested in Rocky or any other PAWS pets, contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit

Originally posted here: Cat Adoption: Rocky Was Found on a Roof – Hillcrest, OH Patch.