Cats find new homes with 4th Meow in Mukilteo – Mukilteo Beacon News

The tiny kitten shook uncontrollably in his cage. To onlookers, it seemed as if the young Siamese cat, named Albright, had a terrible case of the hiccups.

Albright is a special-needs kitten. His shaking was not caused by hiccups but by Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a condition that interferes with cats’ motor skills and, for Albright, causes him to walk with a wobble.

His brother, Hamilton, in the cage with him, sometimes places his paw on his brother’s back, as if trying to calm him.

Albright and Hamilton were just two of 68 felines up for adoption at the fourth annual Meow in Mukilteo cat-adoption event Sunday at the Rosehill Community Center.

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