Pet-Adoption Center A Reality For Paw Pals

It has been a long seven years, but at least a portion of a local organization’s dream has come true with the recent opening of a “limited’ pet-adoption center.

Hill County Paw Pals, Inc. was organized in 2004 by Mike and Betty Hendricks of Hillsboro in an attempt to address pet-overpopulation problems in the county.

But the issue goes even farther back than that for the Hendricks. When the couple returned to their local roots in 2000, they found themselves with six stray dogs at their house east of Hillsboro in a very short time period.

“We called around to try and get rid of the dogs but all of the shelters were full so there was nothing we could do,” Hendricks remembered recently sitting in the office of the new center.

That led to the founding of Paw Pals and what seemed was an endless string of fund raisers and campaigns that led to the recent opening of the center.

Hendricks stressed the facility is not a “shelter,” but a “limited” adoption center due to staffing and budget issues.

via Pet-Adoption Center A Reality For Paw Pals.

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