Exceptional Canine: Keep Your Dog Happy Indoors

Keep Your Dog Happy Indoors

By Jean Ryser for Exceptional Canine

Keep Your Dog Happy Indoors

If you want a loving and active family dog, you should consider the English Springer Spaniel. They are energetic and happy, and they love kids. The breed comes with a behavior pattern most dog owners will find highly desirable: While they’re active outdoors, they also have the capability of being relatively inactive indoors. Still, it’s up to you to provide enough stimulation to maintain that balance — with a Springer Spaniel or with any other breed of dog.

About the Breed
English Springer Spaniels are sporting dogs, as are all types of Spaniels and Retrievers. (See the AKC’s list of sporting dogs here .) Originally bred for field sports, these dogs do well at conformation, agility, obedience and rescue competitions. They also love to play games like flyball.

They need structure and socialization. They’re OK in an apartment, I but think they do better in a yard. They like to run and play outside. You need to keep them busy and give them something to do. They’ll entertain you. They’re clowns at heart.

English Springer Spaniels are natural show dogs too. My dog, Captain Jack Sparrow, is happiest in the ring. He likes all the attention and is always wiggling his tail. He loves kisses and enjoys the clapping and attention. English Springer Spaniels also get along very well with other sporting dogs.

Keep Your Dog Happy Indoors
Keep a big bucket full of toys for your dog when he’s indoors. They like the noisy toys — like the ones that crackle or squeak — that they can’t chew up. Hiding the toys provides a fun opportunity for them to enjoy the hunt and then a reward.

No matter your dog’s breed, make sure your house is stocked with toys so your dog has something to keep him occupied. All dogs are social creatures, and they need to be stimulated and engaged. The key to getting them to behave well indoors is to make sure they have things to do at home, both when you’re there and when you’re not. If they get bored, you’ll know: They’ll entertain themselves by barking or chewing on your furniture.

English Springer Spaniels like to be couch potatoes too. Like most dogs, you’ll know they’ve gotten enough exercise outside when they’re happy to curl up with you and relax at home. When they get older, they don’t need to play as much and are just as happy to lie on the living room floor with you.

English Springer Spaniels enjoy being outdoors, but they like hanging out with you at home too. It’s an ideal combination for a great canine companion. If you give an English Springer Spaniel the right attention and the right obedience training, you’ve got a pal for life.

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/jeffdalt

Jean Ryser acquired her first English Springer Spaniel in 1978 and
became a breeder in 1988. She is show secretary for the English Springer
Spaniel Club of Greater Las Vegas.