Social Media Helping to Save Pets From Death Row –

Hoping to prevent a date with death, animal lovers are going to new extremes to keep cats and dogs alive.

“If I could take more in, I would really do it,” said Erin Brady from Chardon. She’s just hours away from a special delivery of kittens. As many as 10 cats in need of a home are making their way from the south after she was asked for help on Facebook. “This family has less than 24-hours to live, they need to be pulled and rescued, urgent,” said Erin. “So, I was like, I’ll foster them.”

With the help of a new Facebook application called Pet Pardon, Erin was connected to people in other states who know of animals on ‘death row’. Volunteers connect online and work together to foster animals so they’re not euthanized in crowded shelters. “It’s probably saved over 2,000 animals at this point, just by showing their pictures and getting it out there,” said Erin.

Originally posted here:  Social Media Helping to Save Pets From Death Row –