Pet adoption day this Sunday in Kirkland – The Chronicle

A pet adoption day will be held in the parking lot of Mon Ami pet food store in Kirkland on Sunday, June 12 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Five animal rescues will be participating: Animatch, Kiko Dog Rescue, Quebec Rabbit Rescue, Rosie’s Animal Adoption and Steri-Animal. Dogs, cats and rabbits looking for homes will be awaiting West Island residents. Store owner Chris LeRoyer hopes West Islanders will open their hearts and their homes this weekend.

“It’s difficult for pets that are abandoned. If they go to the pounds, well, you know how the pounds are in Montreal. The adoption places give the animals a safe place to be until they find a home they can go to. They do a great service to the community. They keep the animals from being in distress. It’s important that we help them,” said LeRoyer.

See the rest here:  Pet adoption day this Sunday in Kirkland – Local – News – The Chronicle.

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