Oakland County Launches Feral Cat Program – WDIV Detroit

Gerry Campbell visits as many as 11 feral cat colonies every day, bringing food which she mostly pays for out of her own pocket. “I try to be frugal, but it’s hard,” she said. “They depend on us.”

Campbell, a retired Troy postal carrier and longtime resident of Royal Oak, started by putting food down for a stray cat at a friend’s home. Soon there were two cats, then three, then more. Word got around and people started letting her know where other colonies of stray felines were located. She soon learned to trap the cats, so they could be neutered or spayed and returned to their colony.

Darlene Hokanson, who is known as “the feral cat advocate,” traps about 200 feral cats a year, and has been doing so for 10 years. If there is an adoptable cat in a feral colony, she works to find it a home. Otherwise, the spayed or neutered cats are returned to their colonies, or if there is no safe place to return them to, she looks for a barn-type situation. They are not adoptable because they are not socialized to be with people, so should not be taken to shelters.

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