What pets teach us about life – Grand Traverse Insider – Morning Star Publishing

Assuredly, pets are so very dependent upon us for their well-being. The human/pet relationship, however, is not one-sided. Pets have much to teach us about life. Here are just some examples of those lessons:

Unconditional Love – Our pets love us despite ourselves. They do not care how we appear, what our financial or social status is, or what bad habits we may have. They overlook our faults. They are always happy to see us and consistently greet us with enthusiasm.

Extreme Loyalty – Pets give themselves to us totally. They are there when we need them. They desire to be with us constantly. Pets that have been lost have been known to travel hundreds of miles on their own to be reunited with their family. Pets have also been known to remain with a deceased owner until the owner is discovered. Pets have sought help for injured family members. They abide with us in sickness and in health and in good times and bad. They constantly seek to please us. They are not deterred by our mood swings or by our sometimes inappropriate behavior. They are our friends for life.

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