Prepare pets and supplies for possible hurricane evacuation –

The hurricane season officially began last week. When you check supplies, prepare for the worst, and when making preliminary evacuation plans, don’t forget your pets.

Many area residents left the New Orleans area ahead of Hurricane Gustav in 2008. Jaques Soulas carries important family papers to his SUV as the family’s pet birds wait in the back. The Louisiana SPCA urges families to plan for how they will evacuate with their pets.

The Louisiana SPCA stresses that if it is not safe for you in the city, it’s not safe for your pets. The LA/SPCA suggests the following hurricane considerations and preparations for the animals in your life:

First, make a commitment to take pets when you evacuate. Leaving an animal tied up outside to a tree or a fence is not an option. Leaving a pet indoors is risky because it could be trapped in a house if there is flooding.

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